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ALHAMBRA.GCODE - Poetry of the algorithm

Trame Paris presents Alhambra.gcode: A new collection emerging from a new journey, new collaborations, and new technologies. Trame Paris is a new generation design company that collaborates with some of the world’s most talented designers to produce works inspired by travel, culture, and craftsmanship. With the release of its last collection, it unveils a new direction for the future of the company — and for the future of product design itself.

Alhambra.gcode’s ceramic vessels have been manufactured entirely using nextgen, high-end 3-D printing, in conjunction with hand-finishing. Trame is putting itself at the vanguard of a design revolution that will create more sustainable products through a more efficient, decentralized production model.

The Alhambra.gcode collection began in a traditional, analog way. After bringing its past collaborators on inspiration trips to Fez-Meknes, Morocco, and Calabria, Italy, the brand anchored its third series in Andalusia, the richly historical region of Southern Spain. It gathered three young designers together at the Alhambra fortress complex in Granada, a jewel of Hispano-Moorish architecture: Arthur Mamou Mani, a rising architecture star who specializes in the use of digital technologies; Amandine David, known for her work combining craftsmanship and digital practice; and Wonmin Park, who brings craft techniques to sleek creations.

Inside the mythical red fortress, the designers’ attention was particularly focused on the walls and ceilings and their hypnotic muqarnas — rigorously geometric, ornate vaulting patterns that reproduce infinitely in multiple dynamic combinations.

Each of them developed designs in response to this architecture, which were then realized in 3-D printed ceramics before being hand-glazed, allowing for the possibility of each piece to be unique.


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